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5 Home Remedies To Get Beautifully Long Eyelashes in 7 Days

grow eyelashes home remedies

Eyelashes are the symmetrical hair pattern on the edge of eyelids. They provide security as well as impart beauty to our eyes. Eyelash growth is actually subjected to so many factors. People around the world show varying growth in eyelashes depending upon their food and geographical location.

Women particularly are very much excited about their eyelash growth. Occasionally we see people without or very light grown eyelashes and notice their frustration also.

They try everything to make their eyelashes look beautiful and attractive, but normally they don’t get enough success. Here are some natural home remedies for eyelashes, which will surely help you. These are as follows:

Grow Eyelashes Faster with Home Remedies

1. Olive oil for Eyelashes

Olive oil is a very well known nutrition for hair strength and growth. It is often recommended by the dermatologist for the betterment of hair growth on scalp. It is equally effective if used for eyelashes growth.

It nourishes the eyelash and makes it stronger and thicker. Applying olive oil gently on the well cleaned eyelid edges at night and wash it off in the morning. Regularly repeating this will fetch you with beautiful eyelashes.

2. Aloe Vera gel

We have been discussing the powers of aloe Vera In almost all type of body disorders. It is specially known for its healing properties.

Another famous use of aloe Vera is seen in beauty products. It shows very prominent effect for eyelash growth as well.

To use it, clean your eyelids properly with water sponge it well then take some aloe Vera gel and apply it on the top of eyelids. Doing it regularly will make very good effects.

3. Lemon peel

Lemon peel works wonderfully well for eyelash growth.

To use it, take some lemon peel and allow it to get dried properly. Now mix some olive oil with this dried peel and let it secreted well into the lemon peel. It will take the form of mild paste.

Now the remedy is ready to use. Apply the paste on your eyelids especially at night and let the extract of olive oil and lemon peel deeply secreted inside the eyelids and wash it off in morning. It will nourish the eyelids and will catalyze the growth of eyelashes.

4. Grow Eyelashes with Vaseline

Vaseline is very good moisturizer, thus generally it is used to provide moisture to the dry skin in winter. It can be effectively used to promote the growth of eyelashes.

Use it in the same way, the other remedies for eyelash growth have been described. Its moisture will nourish the eyelashes and consequently will give you thick and beautiful eyelashes.

5. Regular Trimming

This method does not need any special introduction.

We all know that it is a natural method to promote hair growth. You can easily purchase a trimmer and keep it with you in your purse.

Carefully trim your eyelashes when it prompts for it. But doesn’t trim unnecessarily  You surely will be satisfied with your eyelash growth.

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