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6 Proven Home Remedies to Treat Psoriasis

Natural Remedies to Treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin diseases commonly found in people with all age groups around the globe. It is normally characterized by dry and inflamed skin. Also its symptoms can be shown on the skin as red or pink scaly patches if persisted chronically, usually known as plaque psoriasis.

These distinguished skin patches usually develop on elbows, knees, pelvis and scalp, which sometimes accompanied by pain also. Some allergic effect or infection is the usual causes behind psoriasis. Deficiency of calcium or Vitamin D in the body is also responsible for these irritating skin patches.

Psoriasis usually comes as dry patches which disappear after constantly moisturizing the skin. But in chronicle case it definitely needs a proper treatment. In this article we are describing some natural ways to cure it. These are as follows:

Try These Natural Remedies to Treat Psoriasis

Keep your skin moisturized

Here moisturization does not mean that you keep yourself dipped into the water all the time. Rather hydrate your body much enough so that these dry patches does not develop easily on the skin.

Psoriasis occurs on the dry skin and lack of oil in your body. There are plenty of cosmetic moisturizers available in the market in ointments, lotions form.

Make it a habit to apply this moisturizer just after taking the bath to take its full advantage, because then it will absorb fully into the skin. Also one important thing to remember that after taking bath, use a soft towel rather than a harsh one to sponge your body. After sponging mildly with the towel apply the moisturizer.

Don’t use warm water for bathing rather use lukewarm or cold water .Moreover taking bath in sea water can be even more beneficial.

Massaging with Oils

After taking bath it is a good habit to have a gentle massage with some good oil like olive oil, mustard oil, chamomile oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil. It will end the natural itching and dryness in the skin and will stay you protected from the symptoms of Psoriasis.

Expose to Sunlight

Deficiency of vitamin D is a major cause for Psoriasis. As it is the most important nutrition for skin cells. Taking sun bath for half an hour will help you a lot, but beware of overexposing to sun rays, as it will make a reverse effect by producing sunburn and will make the condition even worse.

Don’t forget to cover the Psoriasis affected area by using some sunscreen lotion; otherwise sun rays will aggravate the pain and symptoms of Psoriasis.

Say no to alcohol and smoking

It is found from many researches that people addicting of smoking and alcoholic beverages are more likely to suffer from Psoriasis.

Alcohol produces a lot of heat inside the body and dehydrate the body to a great extent. Smoking also exerts the similar effect. So avoid the smoking and alcoholic drinks.

Be active enough to maintain proper blood circulation throughout

Many studies reveal that lack of physical activities is a big cause behind psoriasis. Physical work out will effect in two ways.

Firstly it will help in maintaining proper blood circulation throughout the body and secondly will exert extra calories in form of heat from the body. So indulge in some sort of physical work out. It is a better idea to join any aerobic or yoga classes.

Good food in Psoriasis

Though it has the least impact on minimizing the symptoms of Psoriasis, but for sure it is an inevitable consideration. The food rich in calcium and amino acids can really help to kick of Psoriasis. Fresh vegetables and juicy fruits provide a good hydration to the body and keep the body moisturized.

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