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Amazing 5 Home Remedies For Dry and Chapped Lips

Home Remedies For Dry and Chapped Lips

Lips possess both biological as well as cosmetic importance and thus are undistinguishly important part of our body. A cracked lip is a problem which probably impoverishes the power of lips. Usually due to certain climatic conditions, our lips seem to get short of moisture and become absolute dry accompanied with a little more sensitivity and tenderness. In extreme cases lips may even develop flakes or minutes cracks over its surface.

Causes of Cracked Lips

We can see many factors contributing toward the cracking of lips. Normally exposing our lips to relatively extra hot or cold wind absorb the moisture from the lips and make it dry. Researchers around the world emphasize above as the most prominent cause behind cracked lips.

Licking lips again and again also devoid moisture from the lips and make them dry. Smoking and use of cosmetic products over the counter are the other strong causes. Moreover lack of essential vitamins in the body can also be a underlying reason. Also cracked lips can also be a symptom of some severe disease.

Though it is an irritating one, but surely should not raise any anxiety in our mind. One can easily get rid of the problem of chapped lips by following some of the home remedies for chapped lips described below:

5 Simple Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Keep hydrated

There is the simplest logic behind following this remedy. If you are short of moisture then get a full moisturization, that’s it. Even simple water can make the purpose done. So drink a lot of water. It will replenish the amount of fluidity inside. Taking fresh juicy fruits enriched with vitamin A and C particularly will make double benefit for you. As apart from replenishment of fluidity it will fetch you with essential nutrition to provide internal reluctance to such problems.

Apply some good oil over lips

A mild massage on the lips at bed time can really make a very good impact in treating chapped lips. You can use any good edible oil particularly for the purpose. Coconut oil is considered the best choice in this regard. Olive oil, lukewarm mustard oil or clarified butter is other fantastic alternatives. Important to mention here that, you need to repeat the massage for at least a couple of days.

Cucumber may help

Cucumber has been found to be really effective, when it comes to treat chapped lips. To use it, cut some slices from the cucumber and massage the lips with these slices for a few minutes. You can also extract some juice out of cucumber to fulfill the same purpose. Massaging at night will particularly make better effect to kick of cracks over the lips.

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera is certainly the most popular plant around the globe, in terms of its use as a treatment for physical disorders. It makes a very good effect to treat lips cracks also. Just cut the aloe Vera leaf and extract the naturally available ointment in gel form out of it. You can take and apply it directly over the cracks to get them healed.

Use a good humidifier

The role of humidifier is to release moisture in the air and protect you from getting devoid of moisturization. Thus a good humidifier around you certainly may protect you from the problem of cracked lips irrespective of change in climate conditions.

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