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Anemia Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Anemia Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Blood gives life to our biological system. To do our routine activities, not only it requires a supply of proper amount of blood but also the supplied blood should contain healthy blood cells. Anemia is a disorder which restricts this supply. Though Anemia actually refers to the inadequacy of red blood cells in the blood, but actually it takes many forms to characterize it.

If red blood cells though in ample count but do not possess a full size, then it is type of Anemia. Moreover the deficiency of hemoglobin  an essential protein and core of red blood cells, is also a type of Anemia.

There are basically two types of Anemia, acute and chronic. Chronic Anemia does not impact the body instantly, so unless some serious trouble arises, it remains undetected for a long time. But in acute Anemia healthy blood cells start decreasing all of a sudden to very low levels and need instant treatment.

Anemia Symptoms

Moreover women are more likely to catch by Anemia than men. Anemia symptoms are generally characterized by fainted and dull skin, dizziness, tiredness and weakness in the body. Also, as it restricts the supply of blood to various parts, some cardiac disorder e.g. angina can be a result of Anemia.

Causes of Anemia

There are plenty of known reasons behind Anemia. Iron deficiency in the blood restricts the hemoglobin count in the blood and thus is most prominent cause of Anemia. Some bone marrow problem can result into hemoglobin deficiency. Young women with excess menstruation rate may catch Anemia very easily. Also high blood loss during pregnancy may invite Anemia symptoms.

Moreover people suffering from Hemorrhoids, bowel cancer or some other gastrointestinal condition may develop Anemia. It may be hereditary.

Treatment for Anemia

Before going for treatment, it is must to determine the actual cause behind Anemia, as it will help to go for right treatment. Though with the diagnosis test available, every time we cannot determine the actual cause behind Anemia, but surely it may provide a hint.

1. Simple check up by the doctor to see the heartbeat rate, breathing speed or any abdominal condition may give a hint about the type of Anemia.
2. There is a test known as complete blood count (CBC), provides the RBCs, WBCs and haemoglobin count that may provide some useful guess about the type of Anemia.
3. There may be conducted a test to find the size and shape of RBCs.

Moreover if still some uncertainty lies about the actual cause, then doctor may suggest tests to check functionality of lung, kidney etc.
Once the cause of Anemia is determined, we may opt for any of the solutions explained below:

Iron Supplements

As described earlier, deficiency of iron may be a prominent cause behind Anemia. So first thing you must do is to keep the iron level intact.

There comes oral iron tablets or injection for this, but one should go for natural diet rich in iron to compensate iron level. But beware of taking iron more than what needed, otherwise may produce some adverse effects to your body, especially gastrointestinal problems. One may consult his doctor for this.

Diet Rich in Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid

Vitamin B12 and folic acids are the most essential nutrients for keeping RBCs in good numbers and thus keeping you protected from Anemia. Eggs, fish, peanuts, soyabean, yoghurt, cheese and other dairy products etc. are good source of vitamin B12. You can get folic acid supplements as dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, citrus fruits, beans, lentils, okra, cabbage, nuts and citrus fruits etc. Also you can take both supplements in form of medication. But here as well you must consult your doctor regarding its dosage.

Blood Transfusion

Blood loss due to some accident or pregnancy in case of women can be a major cause for Anemia. These people can take the help of blood transfusion.

Depending upon their blood group they can get healthy blood from blood banks or may get it by bed to bed blood transfusion. Depending upon the type and severity of Anemia, blood transfusion can be done regularly or rarely as per the need.

Blood and Marrow Stem Cell Transplant

RBCs, WBCs and blood platelets are produced in the bone marrow with the help of stem cells found in bone marrow. But faulty stem cells can restrict the production of these blood components. Blood and marrow stem cell transplant is a way to replace these faulty stem cells with the new healthy stem cells to promote the growth of healthy blood cells.

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