Weight Loss

Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Obesity has spread like an epidemic around the world for past few decades. Moreover the developed countries are suffering more with this problem. But obesity is nothing which can not be treated. Definitely one can get rid off this problem if they have a strong desire for it.

Though erroneous dietary habits are the major cause behind obesity but our inactive life style make the condition even worst. Usually person lacking ample physical movement in his routine are more susceptible to be obese.

There are plenty of exercises which if include in routine can show magical effect to lose weight. Some of such simple exercises are listed as follows:

Top 5 Effective Exercises for Weight Loss


If your body allows Bicycling then it is one of the most effective exercises to reduce weight. Bicycling daily for a few kilometers with moderate speed stimulates proper blood circulation throughout the body particularly below the waist. By strengthening abdomen muscles bicycling helps to improve digestion as well as burns fat around the tummy. Also bicycling provides ample movement and flexibility in the spine and head providing us a healthy posture.

Rope jumping

It is another very useful exercise to reduce weight. But practicing it also requires a full consent of the body. Rope jumping provides great flexibility in all the joints of the body making them strong.

Also due to a whole body movement blood circulation is optimized a lot better through out the body and does not allow accumulation of fats. Jumping rope daily empty stomach for 15-20 minutes will always keep you away from the obesity.


Swimming is considered the best exercise to keep the body fit and active. It again makes all the body parts moving and thus provides proper blood circulation throughout. Swimming should also be done empty or light join any swimming school as soon as possible to keep yourself healthy and fat free.


It is the easiest way to keep obesity away. As per your fitness you can walk slow, briskly or even sprint.But usually walking briskly with a full across movement is considered the most useful one.

One should make it a habit to walk empty stomach for half an hour a few kilometers in the morning or evening. Also it is a good habit to have a brisk walk after taking meal. It will help to digest the food properly and will not allow the accumulation of fats.

Yoga poses

Yoga poses are great at curing obesity. There are plenty of yoga poses available, but there are some specific yoga poses which target abdomen muscles and fetch them with good blood circulation making them strong enough to kick off any fat accumulation around.

Yoga poses which are especially beneficial to reduce weight are: boat pose, seated forward bend pose, bow pose, half Spinal Twisting pose etc.

Besides following all above one may indulge in some outdoor sport or join any dance class to keep him fit and loose weight.

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