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Best Home Remedies For Cough

Best Home Remedies For Cough

Well, cough does not need any specific description. Mostly it may be a symptom of a disease or an upshot of a prolonged disease, not necessarily a disease itself if does not occur chronically. Though if persisted for longer span of time, can invite some serious turmoils to your health.

Cough, actually is a vehement exertion of some irritant matter like dust, mucous out of throat, which if reside inside for long time, can cause troublesome breathing and can cause more damage if not cured in time.

But, it will be just a waste of time, if here we discuss what cough is? Nevertheless it will be quite worthwhile to discuss the very causes behind the cough, as this will help to a great extent in curing it.

Usual Causes of Cough

Polluted environment, poor immunity, any chronicle disease, heartburn etc. By doing followings, we can abstain from the causes of cough and thus can make our self secure enough to prevent cough:

(a) Avoid going to places full of dust, fume, hazardous gases, and if becomes inevitable to go to such places then take proper precautions (e.g. use of mask, gloves etc.) to immune yourself before going.

(b) Often cough could be infectious, so keep yourself clean enough to keep protected from the hazardous bacteria. Normally avoid going to very crowdy places.

(c) Don’t make a habit of taking very cold stuff like ice cream, chilled water etc. regularly.

(d) Increase immune power to defend yourself against the attacks of cough and such other diseases.

Prevention are always better than cure, but if we are unable to prevent it from happening, then what to do? We have so many natural home remedies for cough which can act as home remedy to cure cough like disease. Some of these are:

Effective Home Remedies for Cough


It is one of the easiest available and most effective home remedy for heeling cough. To use, cut ginger root into very small pieces and squeeze them directly into your mouth. If its taste is too strong, then rather squeeze it to result into juice and then mix with ample amount of honey, chew it properly and then swallow it inside, it will be equally effective.

Aloe Vera juice

This is the inherent characteristic of aloe Vera to repair the damaged tissues and make them refreshed for functioning properly again, makes it perfect solution to cough or digestion related problem. You can take 2 tablespoon daily mixed with honey for a period of 10-12 days or till the symptoms disappears.


Tulsi is known as Basil in other language. Tulsi is considered a holy herb in Asian countries. It is filled with so many medicinal effects, that is why it is used in abundance in plenty of cough syrups. You can eat basil leaves directly, it will relieve your cough somewhat. But for better effect, squeeze its leaves to make its juice and mix it with equal proportion of honey. Take this mixture 2-3 time a day till the symptoms vanish.

Cayenne Pepper

It is a very common spice. It is very hot in taste. It removes mucous and thus makes a clear passage of air through lungs to throat and thus curing cough. Don’t get anxious, you need not to inhale or swallow the pepper directly, rather mix it in your food, fruits and other eatable stuff in proper proportion, It will help you a lot .

If it is too hot to taste, then you can take a glass of lukewarm water, pour one tablespoon of cayenne pepper and mix some honey with it, it will help you curing cough. But beware!!! Over dosage of cayenne pepper can disturb your stomach. so just take in ample proportion.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Blend of apple cider vinegar with some honey in a glass of water can really subsidize cough symptoms.

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