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7 Best Home Remedies for Obesity & Weight Loss

Home Remedies for Obesity & Weight Loss

A person is considered healthy if he possesses just enough weight to balance his body structure, some extra weight puts him in the category of over weighted. Still he can feel himself safe as far as health risks are concerned. But further increment in his weight in form of unwanted fats, makes him standing in the category of Obese.

Now this situation might be very dangerous as obesity invites some major risks to your health, among which diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are most prevalent. In simple terms, a person is said to be obese if he possesses weight 20-30 % more than the ideal weight as per his body anatomy.

What Causes Obesity

Taking too much calories, which you are unable to consume in equivalence, is the major cause of obesity. Usually, your erroneous dietary habits are responsible for much calories intake, but your inactive life style makes the situation even more deteriorating.

Also a person too much fond of processed food, alcoholic drinks or sweets is more prone to be obese. Moreover, a person lacking enough physical activities in his routine may be a victim of obesity.

Cure Obesity

It is not one time treatment. Normally an obese person after vanishing his obesity to a minimum level, is very much prone to get obese very soon again. So whichever treatment you follow to cure obesity, you got to persist with it for a longer period and even throughout your life.

Home Remedies for Obesity

Well, best home remedy is to be active enough to utilize the calories you consume, by taking proper exercise. Also following home remedies can be very helpful for Obesity & Weight Loss:


The easiest way to cure obesity is to eat more and more tomatoes on regular basis. They contain fibers and lots of water, so help in strengthening digestion system and remove toxic fats. Also they are low in sodium, and thus help reducing obesity. But people suffering from stones should avoid tomatoes in excess.


Lemon is a natural agent to cut fats,You must have seen its external use in anti-detergents. It is equally effective inside the body to cut fats. Take a glass of lukewarm water and squeeze some drops of lemon into it, drinking it empty stomach in the morning will really help in cutting your fats.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Due to its acidic nature it works significantly in cutting fats. Also it reduces glucose level inside the body and also improves metabolism. Mixing apple cider vinegar with some honey and drinking it in the morning before taking meal is a perfect pick for reducing unwanted fats.For further benefits you can also use it by pouring it on to the salad.

Green tea

Many studies reveal the conclusion that people taking green tea regularly are less prone to obesity and other cardiovascular diseases. It has some natural anti-oxidants which has great effect in surpassing fats inside the body. Drinking green tea at least 2 times in a day will be highly beneficial to treat obesity.


Cabbage contains tartaric acid,which prevents the formation of fats. Fating fresh cabbage as salad or drinking cabbage juice is really effective to reduce the accumulation of fats. But make sure that before eating cabbage, you wash it properly to kick away unwanted germs and insects, which otherwise if inhaled, can cause serious troubles.

Honey with Lime Juice

Honey and lime are both considered good at melting fats. Taking a mixture of lime and honey 2-3 times in a day, again empty stomach, is a great home remedy to reduce obesity.

Fresh fruits and Vegetables

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance, since they don’t contain unnecessary fats, rather they increase our metabolism and keep us healthy and free from unwanted fats.

Apart from this home remedies, to keep yourself away from obesity for whole life, you should adopt following habits:

  • Avoid processed food; rather make it a habit to eat only home cooked food.
  • Indulge yourself in some kinds of physical activities, make intent to join any aerobic or yoga classes.
  • Be a little specific about what you eat and drink, rather consult a good physician and get a diet chart for you.

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