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Best Home Remedies to Heal Tooth Cavities

Home Remedies For Tooth Cavities

Tooth cavity or simple cavity is a very small hole in the tooth layers, but surely puts up relatively bigger danger to your dental health. Apart from other sub sequences, they create a lot of pain. Normally sugary food or some bacterial infection is the basic cause for cavities.

Nevertheless, they cannot be ignored and need a proper treatment. The special thing about tooth cavities is that, once they generate, they cannot be healed to get it normal as before. Thus it is better to stop it from happening.

They don’t show any strong symptoms or pain before being created, so normally are ignored until they eventually develop on the tooth surface. But still, there are a lot of options; we may pursue to save ourselves from further sub sequences. Thus, to heal cavities and the toothache due to these cavities, just give a try to following home remedies for tooth cavities:

Home Remedies For Tooth Cavities


It is a well known spice used in plenty of edible stuff throughout the world. But due to its medicinal properties it is also used in many medicines. Cloves are the natural anesthetic and also act as good antiseptic. It soothes the pain very quickly.

To use it, you can simply put 2-3 cloves in between your jaws or particularly on the cavity affected area. Within a few minutes cloves will kick of the pain due to cavities. You can also use clove oil available in the market .Mix clove oil with some black pepper and apply it with a cotton swab to get relieved from the pain.

Bay berry bark

It is obtained from the bark of bay berry tree. Due to its fragrance it is widely cooked with other spices to impart the dish an enormous fragrance. Bay berry bark is also full of medicinal effects. Due to its antibacterial properties and sedative nature it works wonderfully well in relieving cavity pain. Normally Bay Berry bark extract is available in the market in tincture form .You can easily apply this tincture on the affected teeth with the help of a cotton swab.


It is particularly used in Indian subcontinent as an essential ingredient for food. It has a distinguished smell, surely not a pleasant one. It is widely used to treat so many diseases e.g. indigestion, gastric problem, flatulence, respiratory problems, asthma, jaundice, hysteria and many more others.

It is particularly helpful to relieve the pain due to cavity. Usually it is used in powdered form, mixed with some lemon juice to take maximum benefits. Regularly applying this with the help of cotton swab on the affected teeth will end the pain.

Turmeric to Treat Tooth Cavity

It is widely used as a spice in the food. In food its basic function is to impart a good color to the food. Also plenty of beauty cosmetic products and toothpaste use turmeric as a primary ingredient. It contains a special compound known as curcumin, which is responsible for all medicinal effects.

It is well known for its antibacterial effects also. Moreover its soothing nature makes it a perfect choice as analgesic to cure toothache due to cavities. To use it, make turmeric paste by mixing turmeric powder with mustard oil and place it on the affected teeth. It will provide a lot of relief.

Maintain proper oral hygiene

All above mentioned remedies are to relieve cavity pain. But to prevent cavities from occurring, the best idea is to maintain proper oral hygiene. Use a good toothpaste especially which contains some of the above as its ingredients. Brush regularly twice a day. Make it a habit to brush after taking dinner and don’t eat any sugary stuff while going to bed. Visit your dentist for regular oral checkup to prevent cavities from developing.

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