Best Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress

Yoga For Stress Relief

Stress is something nobody can escape from. It sometime resides in our mind as a fragile burden, which disappears in a few moments by itself and many a times can lead to some serious turmoil to our health, among which hypertension, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases are most common.

Many studies reveal the point that curing it using medications is expensive and moreover can lead to many other side effects. Though Yoga poses help significantly to treat so many disorders but it is specially innovated to treat stress. Almost every yoga poses helps as stress management technique but we are listing below some poses which are specifically practiced for relieving stress.

Easy Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress

Standing forward bend pose

It is one of the easier poses to practice. Stand straight upright on your feet with your arms hanging downward with open palms. Now bend your knees almost seating in the air keeping your spine straight and bent a little downward. Keep bending till your belly touches your thighs and head reaches closer to ankles by holding your ankles from behind with both hands with full stretched legs.

Standing forward bend pose

The whole procedure requires being stimulated with long breathing throughout for taking its full advantage. Maintain this posture for nearly 3-4 minutes and then come to the normal position.

Corpse Yoga pose

Though it very much resembles like lying on the bed to relax after getting tired. But it is more concentrated form and requires paying proper attention to every move it goes through. Firstly lie down flat on your back with shins slightly opened and your arms relaxing close to the body with palms facing the sky.

Corpse pose for stress relief

Start with rotating your shins up around and down gently one by one for 3-4 times. Now bend your knees and lift your hips up along with a proportional lift of the pelvis and try to lengthen your spine with a full stretch. After a few seconds ground the pelvis and let the whole body relaxed. Keep breathing long thought the pose. Finally seat down and compose yourself keeping your eyes closed.

Plough Yoga pose

Lie down flat on your back with both legs lying straight upfront and both your arms fully stretched vertically above the head with some gap in between and palms facing up. Keeping rest of body fixed start lifting your legs along with your thighs above the ground making an angle of 90° with the waist with your head resting on the ground.

Plough pose for reduce stress

Now keep bending toward the head further by lifting your lower waist so that your feet can go beyond the head and toes touching the earth just ahead of head. Supporting your lower back with both hands further bend to take the feet forwarding further along the ground. Maintain this posture for nearly 3-4 minutes and then come to the normal position.

Bow pose

Lie straight on your belly with your arms kept sticking with your body and your palms facing the sky. Bend your knees closer towards the buttocks as much as you can. Lift your head with the chest and try to bend it backward so that you can hold your ankles with your hands and try to adjust your weight on the stomach.

Bow pose to reduce stress

To have this posture you will also have to lift your thighs upward in order to make your feet closer enough to get hold by the hands. Keep holding feet with your hands try to lift your knees further as much as you can till your body is now will take the form of a bow.

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