Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Over weight condition might be very dangerous as it invites some major risks to your health, among which diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are most prevalent.

There are plenty of solutions available to lose weight, but most of them are only temporary solution and sometimes a bit expensive too. But thanks to God we have a permanent solution and that even at no cost. This solution is Yoga. There are many yoga poses that can provide great help for weight loss, some of such yoga poses are listed below:

Try These Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Half Spinal Twisting Pose

Set on the knees with your legs bending backward and both your hands resting on the lap. Then keeping your left hand as it is press your right hand palm against the floor with your spine straight and stretched. Now lift your left leg and bridging over the right leg place it aligned with the right hand. Holding your left leg through your left hand firmly adjust your right foot beneath the buttock accordingly to balance your body.

Now wide open your arms to the shoulder height keeping a bit left. Now drop your right hand and try to touch the outer sided edge of your right foot with your right hand fingers and try to twist your spine more on to the left and drop your left hand stretching away from the body and resting on the floor. Though it is relatively a tough pose, but practice it to take its full advantage.

Boat Pose

Seat down on the blanket with your legs fully stretched in front of you and your arms in full stretch aligned with the waist sides and hands resting on the floor. Now bend your elbows inwards a bit to make your body leaning a bit backward and simultaneously bend the knees slightly to lift your shins up with your body weight balancing on the upper buttocks.

By holding your buttocks further lift your shins so that your thighs are fully in the air. Now leave the buttocks and try to stretch your arms parallel to your thighs with your finger tips pointing straight ahead and maintain proper body balance. Maintain the posture for 5 minutes and then exhale slowly to come to the normal position.

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