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Effective Home Remedies To Ease Stuffy Nose

Home Remedies To Ease Stuffy Nose

Though usually not a severe one, but certainly it is one of the most irritating disorders. With a stuffed nose, you can not eat properly, can not work properly and cannot even sleep properly. All the time you feel restless and pray to God to end this as soon as possible. Usually it comes as a symptom or more rightly as an aftereffect of cold or flu.

At this stage, the accumulated mucous needs to pass through nostrils very regularly, resulting in swelling and inflammation of nasal linings which makes breathing troublesome. But you can beat it quite conveniently with the help of following remedies for stuffy nose:

Home Remedies For Stuffy Nose

Saline Water

Saline water is best remedy for stuffy nose and can be prepared very easily at home. Take one glass of lukewarm water and mix half tbsp of salt in it. Now rinse your nose by putting 2-3 drops of this solution into the nostrils. This will humidify the mucous and clear the nasal passage. Repeating it for 2-3 times regularly for 3-4 days will make you free from the breathing discomfort due to stuffy nose.

Exposing Nostrils to Steam

Among other natural ways to treat stuffy nose, this method works relatively faster. Take a pot full of boiled water and seat beside it with your head well covered with a towel and bent downward over the pot so that steam does not escape and your nostrils are well exposed to the steam.

It might be a bit painful some times. So let the water lose its temperature a bit before practicing it. It will minimize the inflammation in nasal muscles and provides the smooth breathing. Don’t expose your head to cold air just after doing it otherwise can rather harm you. For better effect you also can add peppermint oil into the boiled water. Doing it regularly twice a day will kick of the problem.

Peppermint or Eucalyptus Oil

These are the best home remedies for stuffy nose. You can use it in many ways. To take its full advantage you can directly put a couple of drops of these oils into your nostril openings.

This will provide instant relief and facilitate smooth nasal passage. Also you can gently rub it as a balm on your chest and on the nose surface at the bed time. Within few minutes it will start showing its good effects.

Spicy Stuff can be Beneficial for Stuffy Nose

Many spices are the natural decongestant agent. They heat the mucous and humidify it for its smooth exertion through the nostrils. But avoid eating spicy stuff when they are very hot. Let it come to a temperature on which you can eat it comfortably.

Also it does not mean that you get used to more processed food for it rather add these hot spices like chili powder, cayenne powder, garlic, capsaicin, ginger, onion etc. a bit extra than the sufficient amount to homemade dishes and then take it as a remedy for treating stuffy nose. Moreover don’t get used to, otherwise can affect adversely.

Increase your Water Intake

Water is the most important nutrient for a good health. Surprisingly its healthy amount in the body also helps in treating stuffy nose. Water removes the nasal congestion and helps in flushing out the mucous by making it thin. It’s not that you has to drink simple water only rather drink or eat anything that uptakes the amount of fluidity in your body. Citric fruits are particularly effectual in this regard.

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