Most Effective Yoga Poses to Increase Height

Yoga Exercises to Increase Height

Normally growth in height can be attributed to so many factors like timely nutrition, harmonic effect, climate and age as the most contributing factor. But, whatever is the reason, a good height is the most important ingredient for a good personality. Yoga of course does not guarantee to increase height but definitely can show some magical effects on increasing height.

Yoga actually provides your body a good posture to look taller. Some of the following yoga poses, which you can practice to increase your height are as follows:

Height of a person is proportionally related with the length of spine bone. Following yoga poses stimulate enough flexibility in the spine resulting in its full stretched alignment.

Try These Yoga Poses to Increase Height

Mountain Pose

First stand straight with a little gap left in between your feet. Keep the hands in line with the waist in relaxed mode. Now start inhaling while lifting your hands upwards from shoulders toward the head with the fingers interlocked and palm facing the sky with proportional movement of your head in upward direction.

how to increase height

Now persisting with same posture start lifting both your ankles and come in position to balance all your weight on your front toes. Keeping your neck straight and stretched. Keep yourself in this position for few minutes and then exhale slowly by following above in reverse direction to make yourself relaxed as before. Continuing with the same exercise for at least 5-10 minutes daily for 3-4 months will show good effects to your height.

Half Moon Pose

Start with triangular pose, with your right hand forwarded along with right foot and your left hand relaxing on the hip. Now minutely bend your right knee and move it a little ahead. Now place your right hand few inches ahead of your right foot toe, now while exhaling start balancing your body on the right hand with your body leaning in direction parallel to the earth.

Half Moon Pose

Now lift your left hand to align it in the line with the right hand and try to focus on the fingertips of your left hand. Remain in the same position for few moments and then exhale slowly to come to normal position. Practicing with this pose for a few months will make you straight and stretched.

Cat Stretch Pose

Set on the earth on the base of knees and hands with a full stretched palm almost like a standing cat. There should not be much gap between both your knees. Now proceeding with same posture, slightly move the pelvis upward and stretch your spine upward and inhale till your waist is in fool stretch and looks inclined towards head.

Cat Stretch yoga Pose

During all these steps, your head should be focused a little upward. Now lift waist from the center and bow down your head and start pulling hips inwards while exhaling slowly and come to the normal position.

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