Weight Loss

Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Foods That Help You Lose Weight

A person is said to be obese if he possesses weight 20-30 % more than the ideal weight as per his body anatomy. Obesity might be very dangerous as it invites some major risks to your health. Taking too much calories, which you are unable to consume in equivalence, is the major cause of obesity.

Usually, your erroneous dietary habits are responsible for much calories intake. Also a person too much fond of processed food, alcoholic drinks or sweets is more prone to be obese. So to cure obesity, firstly one has to control over his dietary habits i.e. be a little choosy toward what to eat and what to avoid.

By including followings in your diet you can lose weight fast and easy. We are listing this obesity specific food as follows:

Best Foods for Weight Loss

Food Rich in Calcium

Many studies reveal that persons taking diet rich in calcium are less prone to be obese. Calcium is an essential nutrient which helps in smoothing fat metabolism and help in better oxidation of fat making it not to accumulated in form of unwanted lipids. But there has been some studies against its overdose and can result to some serious health risks.

So take a balanced diet of calcium in your food to keep yourself away from the obesity as well as other health risks. There are plenty of food supplements which are rich in calcium e.g. almonds, okra, white and baked bread, yogurt, cheese, tofu, milk, salmon fish etc.

Food Rich in Proteins

Proteins are considered the most important nutrition for body growth. Proteins are full of energy and keep proper energy levels inside the body and that is why we don’t feel short of energy and end our desire to demand for some food supplement again and again.

Also proteins absorb fat and do not allow them to stick around the belly. Cheese, beans, lentils, eggs, chicken, fish, nuts, almonds etc. are rich in proteins. But there also has to be some limit regarding its consumption, so consult your doctor about its dosage.

Food Rich in Fibers

Fiber is a carbo nutrient which actually helps to improve our digestion power. The best effect of fiber is that they are not easily digested and also don’t let your stomach getting empty soon so does vanish the desire to eat gain and again.

They are also helpful in normalizing metabolism. They also help in reducing cholesterol thus making us safe from further consequences of obesity. Food rich in fibers are oats, green leafy vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, whole grains etc.

Avoid Food High in Calories

High calorie intake proportionally increases obesity. So try to consume foods which are less in calories. Avoid eating in-between meals as it will just stuff you full of unwanted calories and devoid you from good nutrition as a part of healthy meal.

Avoid processed food as much as you can. Also avoid much salty and food high in sugar levels. More over drink plenty of water as it will help in proper digestion as well as inhibit accumulations of unwanted fats by not letting the digested food wastes solidify and letting their smoother exertion.

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