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Home Remedies For Constipation

home remedies for constipation

Almost every disease stem from a stomach disorder. Thus, to be healthy it is most important to keep your stomach healthy. There are so many problems related with stomach, but constipation is most common among all.

Constipation refers to irregular or zero bowel movement. After digestion the waste materials needs to be omitted from the body as soon as possible at regular intervals. Longer it resides inside the large intestine, more the stool will get drier and thus harder to get it passed through for its exertion.

what Causes Constipation

weak digestion power, lack of physical movement, taking too much junk food, excessive use of very strong medicines, during pregnancy.

Home Remedies For Constipation

The primary cause of constipation is weak digestion power, so any natural herb, fruit or vegetable which is rich in fiber and fluids can really play a significant role in improving our digestion power and thus in preventing constipation to occur. Some of such home remedies for constipation are listed as follows:

Prune juice

It is obtained from plums. It is very rich in fibers. Take 2-3 cups full of prune juice empty stomach in the morning, thereafter strolling a bit will really help you in curing constipation.

Aloe Vera juice

It is another home remedy helpful in so many diseases. Taking aloe vera juice 1-2 times a day improves digestion system and thus prevents constipation to occur.


Spinach is another source high in fibers. To use it, you can prepare spinach soup by boiling it in some water. Taking this soup twice a day makes the stool softer enough to slip down through to exit.


Regularly taking fruits like papaya, apple, guava, peers, grapes and vegetables, rich in fibers, encourage the bowel movement and stimulate enough fluidity inside the intestine making them a perfect treatment for the constipation.

Ginger Tea

Taking ginger tea 2-3 times a day provides great relief in constipation.

Apart from using the above remedies, by including the following activities in routine will also help you to prevent constipation

1. Make it a habit of drinking plenty of water daily. Water helps in digesting the food to a great deal and thus limiting the probabilities of being constipated.
2. Taking regular exercise is a very good solution to constipation. Even gently massaging abdomen will smooth the blood circulation throughout and thus makes the digestion system strong enough to surpass constipation.
3. Make it a habit to go toilet daily irrespective of bowel movement and try to initiate bowel movement yourself, if it does not occur itself.
4. Avoid much enjoying fatty and fried stuff (junk food) regularly.

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