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Natural Home Remedies for Vitiligo (Leucoderma) Treatment

Home Remedies for Vitiligo (Leucoderma)

Vitiligo also known as Leucoderma is a skin problem characterized initially with white or light pink colored small spots on the skin surface which gradually spread wider on the skin. These vitiligo patches normally tend to appear on face, hands, neck and genitals but surely may encompass all body parts.

Talking In medical terminology, Vitiligo is caused by the loss of melanocytes which produces the melanin cells needed for upper pigmentation of the skin imparting natural brownish color to the skin.

But due to certain reasons, these melanocytes start decreasing in number and at some point eventually they are lost forever and fetch you with ugly looking white vitiligo patches.

Various studies consider auto immunization or family history as the contributing factors, but still nothing can be said with certainty about its exact cause. People with dark complexion are more likely to develop vitiligo patches.

It needs patience to treat vitiligo as it takes long to cure it. There are plenty of remedies available to cure or at least minimize the symptoms of vitiligo.

Home Remedies For Vitiligo Treatment

Duckweed Seeds

It is commonly known as small lemna or lemna minor. It is considered one of the best remedies to treat vitiligo. They contain plenty of essential nutrients which provide great help in providing relief from skin problems.

For treating vitiligo, take some duckweed seeds and grind it well to make its powder. Now mix some honey in equal proportion with it. Taking the resultant approx. 1 hour after taking the meal will subsidize the vitiligo symptoms.

Copper Vessel Water

Among plenty of remedies available to cure vitiligo this is the easiest and most prominent way to treat vitiligo. Also it does not need any cumbersome procedure to prepare it.

Just take a deep pot made of pure copper capable of containing at least 2-3 glass of water and fill it with water. Keep it overnight so that copper ions are fully dissolved into the water.

Drinking this water in the morning or 3-4 times at regular intervals throughout the day will provide great benefits in treating vitiligo.

Psoralea Corylifolia

It is a very useful natural herb, commonly known as babchi and considered one of the most effective solutions to vitiligo in ayurveda through the years. Its kidney shaped seeds are worthwhile to treat vitiligo.

To use it in vitilgo, take some seeds of babchi and grind it to result into powder and then prepare a paste by mixing it with some coconut oil.

Now apply it directly on the vitiligo patches. When it comes in direct contact with sun rays, it reacts with ultraviolet rays and darkens the skin, thus subsidizing the effect of vitiligo by superimposing the white patches.

Turmeric and Mustard Oil

Turmeric acts as panacea to treat so many skin problems. Mustard oil also is famous for its soothing properties. Their combination can really show some magical effects on vitiligo.

What we need to do is just to make a paste of turmeric powder by mixing it with mustard oil. Applying this paste regularly on the affected skin areas will help in re-pigmentation and fetch you again with the normal skin color.

Basil Leaves

Basil leaves work majestically well in treating vitiligo. Its extract helps in increasing the melanocytes and thus promotes the re-pigmentation of the skin surface.

Take some basil leaves and mix some apple cider vinegar with its extract. Apply the resultant on the affected akin patches for a couple of hours. Slowly and steadily it will start showing its good effects.

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