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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Food Poisoning Immediately

Home Remedies For Food Poisoning

Food poisoning has become a very common disease these days, with the availability of so many kinds of fast food and junk food that you get to buy on the streets. Roadside foods may seem to be tasty, but the effect that it can have on your system is quite harmful. They are contaminated and you get symptoms like vomiting, nausea, headache, dizziness, stomach cramps, and dehydration.

Food poisoning is a severe condition which must be attended as soon as possible. In severe cases, it causes your body to lose lots of water and become weka. It can even lead to death if not properly treated. Here some effective home remedies to get rid of food poisoning immediately

Home Remedies to Treat Food Poisoning


Water is the most important thing you need. When you suffer from food poisoning, your body tends to lose water at a rapid rate. So, you need to keep your body well hydrated to avoid further complications. Water helps get rid of bacteria and toxins in your system.


Ginger is something that has got enormous medicinal properties. It works really well on your stomach to cure all diseases. A cup of ginger tea helps control nausea and heart burn. You can also take raw ginger mixed with honey. Ginger helps in better digestion by increasing the level of acids in the stomach.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works by killing the bacteria due to its alkaline effect. Make a solution by adding 2 tablespoons of the vinegar in hot water. Drinking this before your meals helps in better digestion. You can also have 2 tablespoons of the vinegar without diluting.

Lemon to treat food poisoning

Lemon has got acidic properties that help kill the bacteria in your stomach. You can have lemon juice with some sugar, or have a cup of good lemon tea for effective results.


Take a few basil leaves and strain the juice. You can mix it with honey and consume for instant relief. You can also add basil oil in your drinking water, and drink it occasionally all through the day. Having a solution made by mixing basil leaves, black pepper, sea salt, and plain yogurt is also helpful to treat food poisoning.


Garlic is well known for its effects against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The microbes in your stomach are killed to offer you relief. Take a clove of garlic with some water, or drink garlic juice to feel better.

Peppermint Tea

Make tea and add some drops of peppermint oil in to it. Stomach spasms are controlled, and your stomach gets a soothing effect.


The potassium content in your body gets lost easily when you suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. As such, this needs to be refueled. The best food to get back your store of potassium is a banana. You can have it as a whole or make a banana shake. Mix banana and apple to make a tasty combination, which is healthy too.


Apple is very helpful in controlling acid reflux. You get relief from heartburn, and the bacteria in your stomach are also killed if you have a whole apple.

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