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Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Many people believe that refreshed and mark free skin play much more important role than sharp facial cues to impart beauty to your face. Dark circles are a skin problem that takes both these factors devoid of you. This skin problem makes your face looking exhausted and pale as well as the dark gray patches beneath your eyes develop as ugly looking marks on your face.

Though this problem prevails widely in both young males and females, but beauty conscious girls are particularly affected by this, suffering both physically and psychologically. Though not at all a severe one, but may affect your confidence a bit some times.

Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Often people suffering from insomnia are more prone to develop dark circles. Many studies prove genetic reasons behind dark circles. People belonging to IT profession also are more susceptible to suffer by this due to keep staring at the computer screen continuously for a long time especially in night shifts. People lacking required nutrition in their diet may develop dark circles. Moreover women during pregnancy may develop dark circles.

But it is certainly not a matter of big concern as we can easily cure for dark circles by using plenty of home remedies. Some of such home remedies are listed as follows:

Easy Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Rose water

Rose water has some natural properties to make the skin refreshed. That is why this is considered the perfect remedy to treat dark circles. Just take a cotton swab and dip it well into the rose water. Now lie down relaxing on your back and place this cotton swab on the dark circles for 15-20 minutes. It will eliminate the sign of exhaustion and slowly will make you get rid of dark circles under eyes.


Cucumber plays the same role as rose water and makes the skin refreshed every time we use it. Just cut some slices of cucumber and place one slice on both your eyes encompassing the dark circle for about 15-20 minutes.

They will absorb the heat from the skin and provide freshness and essential nourishment to the eyes. Repeating it regularly for some days will make great impact in removing the dark circles. You may also use the cucumber juice by squeezing its slices and use it in the same way as the rose water to kick off the dark circles.

Remedy made from Mint leaves, Lemon juice and Tomato juice

This is very effective home remedy to cure dark circles. Moreover all the ingredients needed are easily available. Just take some crushed mint leaves and mix very little amount of lemon juice and tomato juice to make a tincture. Now with the help of a cotton swap apply this tincture on the dark circles and keep it for 10 minutes. Do it regularly to end the dark circle under eyes problem.

Take Essential Nutrition

Usually lack of essential nutrition in the body is the prime cause behind skin problems. You should take food particularly rich in iron, vitamin C and vitamin E to help preventing the dark circles from developing.

Take Sound Sleep

Usually exhaustion due to heavy work load and lack of sleep give rise to dark circles. So you need to take a sound sleep for at least seven to eight hours to give your body and especially your eyes a full relaxation.

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