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How to Stop Chronic Diarrhea: 6 Home Remedies for Fast Relief

How to Stop Diarrhea

Diarrhea is characterized as the frequent bowel episodes which normally persist for at least a couple of days. Moreover there exists yet another more severe type of diarrhea known as chronic diarrhea which generally may persists longer and may be life threatening. 

Apart from regular stomach pain it makes the body short of hydration and many a times gets accompanied with general nausea and vomiting. Also diarrhea may attack you in any age.

Causes of Chronic Diarrhea

Diarrhea normally is triggered by some bacterial or viral infection. Gastrointestinal problem may be a reason behind diarrhea. Consuming some unhygienic food or drink may start lose motions.

People much addicted to alcoholic drinks are also more prone to suffer by diarrhea. Further, over the counter stress or anxiety may be an underlying reason behind diarrhea. Moreover diarrhea symptoms may also be triggered as the side effects of some medicines.

Though diarrhea may be very severe many a times but usually it is not life threatening. We can easily treat and cure it conveniently by taking advantage of home remedies. Some of such home remedies to stop diarrhea are listed as below:

Home Remedies to Stop Chronic Diarrhea

Lemon drops mixed into black tea

This is probably the most effective remedy to stop chronic diarrhea. Prepare black tea (following the same procedure for preparing tea except adding milk to it) and squeeze 1-2 lemons into it. Cool it just a bit and then drink it. Repeated use of this remedy will kick off the diarrhea symptoms.

Take Banana to stop Diarrhea

Banana is a magic fruit to stop diarrhea symptoms. Banana helps subsidizing the frequent watery movements by making the stool harder. Take one or two banana and sprinkle a couple of pinches of white salt over it. Now you can eat it to stop frequent bowel moments. But avoid it’s over dosage otherwise may affect in reverse order.

Replenish the amount of water

The dangerous thing about the diarrhea is that due to frequent and watery bowel movements, our body gets short of fluidity and thus may endanger your life. So the first thing you need is to take plenty of fluids inside. Solution of sugar and salt in the water will make great benefits to you. Vegetables soups may also help but avoid taking it very hot.

Eat light

Diarrhea may also disturb your appetite. So try to take light food in your diet that can be digested easily. Cracked wheat (Indian khichdi and Dalia), broth are the best option to be included in diet. It will improve the appetite, also will help in replenishing the electrolytic nutrition and slowly will subsidize the diarrhea symptoms.

Pomegranate juice to stop Diarrhea

Pomegranate is another effective fruit as far as the treatment of chronic diarrhea is concerned. It has plenty of essential nutrition. Take some pomegranates and extract its seeds out of it and sprinkle some salt over it. Eating these seeds regularly will provide great relief from diarrhea. You may also take its benefits in juice form.

Relax yourself

If you are suffering from diarrhea then you are recommended to rest you body and stomach particularly. Don’t indulge in any of activities which needs abdominal muscles much to participate, It may rather deteriorate the condition of the patient.

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