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How to Treat Diabetes with Natural Herbs at Home

Treat Diabetes with Natural Herbs

Diabetes refers to the increase in the glucose levels in blood. For past few decades, there has been a noticed growth in the number of persons suffering with diabetes around the world. Normally it is characterized by the fluctuating levels of insulin inside the body.

Though slow in effect, some natural herbs have really shown a great impact in curing diabetes. Some of such natural herbs are listed below:

Herbal Remedies to Treat Diabetes

Fenugreek Seeds

It is known as Trigonella foenum graceful in medical terminology. It is used as a spice for cooking the food in some countries. Basically its seed and leaves are considered very well at treating diabetes.

Besides diabetes it is extensively used to cure other disease. It limits the production of glucose due to carbohydrates intake inside our body and thus helps in controlling the blood sugar levels.

Apart from its use as a spice, it can be used as tea. Taking tea made from fenugreek seeds has shown very good effect in reducing diabetes.

Bitter Melon

It is actually ill famous for its bitter taste, but due to this very virtue of bitter melon, it is highly effective to lower the sugar levels in blood. It is actually a fruit, but usually taken as a vegetable in most of the countries.

It helps in the secretion of insulin inside the blood and helps the cells to absorb the glucose properly and lead to their utilization and not letting this glucose to mix with the blood. Thus maintains the sugar levels in blood.

Gymnema Sylvestre

In Indian ayurvedic, it has been termed as panacea to treat diabetes. It is grown as a plant and its leaves are having good medicinal effect to treat diabetes.

It makes the proper utilization of glucose by the cells inside the body by increasing insulin levels inside the blood. But its overdose can lead to lowering of glucose level to very low levels. So its overuse should be avoided. Consult a good herbalist regarding its use.

Eugenia Jambolana

Jambolona tree is found in abundance in India. It produces a fruit named jamun or java plums. Eating these raw fruits is of great effect on diabetes. Apart from jamun its seed, bark and leave,all are used to make anti diabetic medicine.

It is considered more effectual on type II diabetes than type I, due to its hypoglycemic effect .It works wonderfully in reducing blood sugar level. But further research is still needed for its medical approval.

Salacia Oblonga

It has been used as a very effectual ayurvedic medicine to treat diabetes. It is found in form of tree in many parts of India. But its powdered extraction in form of capsules and liquid tincture are available in other parts of the world.

Besides reducing glucose levels, its good effect has been shown on reducing weight also. It also helps in maintaining a proper functionality of heart, thus keeps you protected from the further consequences of diabetes.

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