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Muscle Cramps – Home Remedies & Possible Causes

Home Remedies for Muscle Cramps

Cramping of muscles is such a common problem that we all face sooner or later in our life. Moreover this problem attacks particularly in hot weather. Basically muscle cramping can be characterized as the sudden interruption in the flow of blood through the respective muscle or group of muscles resulting in the instant contractions of those muscles.

It could be really debilitating some times. Generally our legs, back, neck and knees are the prime victims of muscle cramping. Muscle cramps may irritate the persons belonging to all age groups but people after 30s are susceptible to develop such cramps more regularly.

What Causes Muscle Crumps

As already discussed, interruption in the flow of blood is the basic cause behind muscle cramps. But there may be other factors responsible for muscle cramps also. Some of these factors are:

  • Dehydration or instant shortage of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium or blood salt in the body
  • Pulling of muscles due to over working on it
  • Setting some particular part of the body idle in the same posture for a long period
  • Continuous Stress and tiredness
  • Weakness in the muscles due to some prolonged illness
  • May be an aftershock of some disease particularly related to kidney or thyroid
  • Muscle cramps may develop during pregnancy as well

Muscle cramps is not a serious problem, rather it disappears itself after a short span. But for instant relief and to limit the cramping attacks in the future, we are presenting some useful home remedies for muscle cramps:

Home Remedies for Muscle Cramps You Should Know

Replenish Yourself with the Essential Minerals

Basically lack of essential electrolytes like calcium, magnesium and sodium in our body encourages muscle cramps. So to stay protected from muscle cramps it is better to take food well enriched with these electrolytes in ample amount. Milk is the best food in this regard. Also take fresh vegetables and fruit juices that replenish the amount of such electrolytes as well as keep us hydrated.

Essential oil Massage

Massage works in two ways, firstly it helps in re-stimulating proper blood circulation in the muscles after getting cramped and secondly it provides strength to the muscles. Essential oils like chamomile oil, lavender oil possess natural soothing effect and thus are the best alternatives for massage. Also don’t forget to wrap some warm cloth around the affected place after massaging. It will help muscle not to become stiffed after cramping and also will heal the cramp at a faster pace.

Running hot water over Cramped Muscle

This is very convenient and effective way to minimize the effect of cramps. As you suffer some muscle cramp, just expose the affected place directly to the warm water. It will help in soothing the pain due to cramp and will prevent the folding of muscles in wrong direction.

Pickle Juice Massage

Pickle juice is actually the spicy and sour oil extracted from the pickle. Its salty and sour taste is known to have good soothing and antiseptic effect. Its acidic nature makes a very good effect in curing muscle cramps. Massaging on the cramped area with pickle juice shows great effect. Drinking pickle juice from time to time will fetch you natural immunity against cramps.

Drink Banana Shake

Banana and milk are both a great source of calcium. Banana shake is a good way to take the nutrition benefits of both banana and milk simultaneously. Drinking banana shake regularly will provide you good immunity against muscle cramps.

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