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Natural Insomnia Remedies That Really Work

Natural Insomnia Remedies

Effective Natural Insomnia Remedies : – Human body is like a machine and no machine can give full efficiency if it is expected to perform 24 – 7 in continuity without letting it to relax for some time. In a similar way, our body also needs ample time to relax. Obviously all living being and specially human being relax fully by sleeping.

A full night sleep is necessary to perfectly relax the body and refresh it to function properly for the other day. But due to some life style changes or may be due to some other reasons we don’t get proper sleep, which further can lead to other harmful and sometimes even very severe side effects. This sleep disorder is known as insomnia.

Causes of Insomnia

Sleep is directly linked to our nerve system. Stress and anxiety are the most prominent causes for insomnia. They dominate our nervous system and don’t let them relax. Some medicines specially antidepressant related can lead insomnia as a side effect. Also there are some foods and drinks which may aggravate this problem.

Natural Insomnia Remedies You Should Try

Change in Life style

As mentioned earlier our hectic life style is a big reason behind insomnia. For a good mental health we should include enough humor so that to compensate mental pressure. Also manage your schedule to indulge in some sort of social activities. Join any yoga classes or meditation to relax your mind.

Also make it a habit to kick of all your worries and tensions before going to bed. Last but not the least maintain your bedroom environment in such a way that it may naturally provide you feeling of relaxation.

Natural herbs to treat Insomnia

Insomnia is certainly an irritating problem, but using medications or antidepressants to cure this disorder will definitely make you habitual for its regular dosage that in turn can have its adverse effects. Rather turn towards some natural herbs to cure it. There are plenty of such natural herbs available to maintain proper harmonic balance needed to restore good mental health.

Valerian, chamomile  kava kava, John’s wart and so many others sedative herbs are such natural herbs. They all are usually available in tincture form but we can also take their benefit in form of Tea.

Aromatherapy and Massage

Aromatherapy probably is the most effective and most famous treatment for insomnia in modern era. In aromatherapy we use some natural essential oils obtained from all parts of fragrant plants like chamomile, lavender and many more. These oils especially because of their fragrance make a pleasant effect on mind and help in restoring peace to our mind.

Normally these oils are used for body massage but in very rare cases they are inhaled also. Nevertheless massaging gently with these oils at home before going to bed will surely make you relieved from insomnia.

Food Considerations

In so many researches it has been found that your dietary habits are very much responsible for your mental health. People addicted to smoking and alcohols are more susceptible to suffer from insomnia. Apart from our adversely affecting our liver and kidney they make a very bad effect on our nervous system.

Certain chemical compounds e.g. caffeine, nicotine etc. are a good source of producing disturbance in our nervous system. So Excess use of such things should be avoided. Many studies also suggest that sweets and processed food also produce the same effect so should be minimized their addiction.

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