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Nose Bleeding Causes and Home Remedies to Stop It

Home Remedies to Stop Nose Bleeding

Nose bleeding in summer is something very common. Quite often, with the middle of summer we see people get a sudden broke out of the blood through their nostrils.

Though in normal cases after an insignificant flow of blood, it gets ceased automatically and does not require any special treatment thereafter but sometimes this broke out of blood devoid lots of blood of you causing further sub-sequences like dizziness or unconsciousness.

Causes of Nose Bleeding

As already mentioned nose bleeding occurs in summer season. Hot external environment causes heat build up inside the nose blood vessels too and make it dry, which upon scratching inside the nose or many a times spontaneously cause sudden broke outs.

Sudden rise in the blood pressure may also cause bleeding in the nose, thus hypertension patient are more prone to suffer from nose bleeding.  Moreover the people naturally possessing less ability to clot blood are also more susceptible. Some blood thinning medicines may also be the contributing factors.

But there is nothing to get anxious about, as we can very easily treat nose bleeds at home by following some natural methods. Some of such home remedies are given below:

Effective Home Remedies to Stop Nose Bleeding


Onion acts like panacea to stop nose bleeding. Onion has the natural ability to absorb heat. With the starting of summer one should increase the onion intake in his food. Raw onion slices used as salad are especially beneficial. Moreover mere smelling the pierced onion for a few minutes will stop bleeding instantly.


Take an ice cube and start rub up outside the nose, it will stop nose bleeding instantly. Using ice cool down the nose blood vessels.

Apple cider vinegar

We already have discussed the medicinal effects of Apple cider vinegar in our previous articles. Soothing effect of apple cider vinegar particularly makes it a great remedy to stop nose bleeds. Take a cotton bud and dip it slightly in ACV.

Now when the bleeding starts, just put this dipped cotton bud on the inside of the nose. Bleeding will stop instantly.

Saline water

Saline water is another effective remedy to stop nose bleeding. It protects you from any external infection too. Just prepare saline water by putting 1 tbsp of white salt into ¾ of a glass filled with water. Now Take a dropper and fill it with saline water.

Now put few drops of saline water drops into one nostril and let it come out of itself after a short span. Now repeat it for other nostril.

Take food rich in Vitamin K

As earlier discussed people lacking in natural ability to clot blood are more susceptible to have this problem. Basically such people are deficient of vitamin K.

So take diet enriched with vitamin K. You may consult a good dietitian for this. Moreover restrict the use of ginger, garlic, vitamin E, and aspirin tablets etc. which cause blood thinning.

Eat Cold Stuff More

Heat build up inside nostrils is the primary cause for nose bleeds. The best thing you should do is to make this heat calm down. Take cold stuff like ice creams, chilled juice of sugarcane, carrot or pomegranates. Juice of citric fruits particularly will make more benefits.

Regularly eating refrigerated melon, water melon and cucumber will surely help. Even ice cubes have its soothing benefits. Placing ice cube on the bleeding nose will help stopping it.

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