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Pregnant Women Need To Know A Few Healthy Diet Habits

Diet Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a phase in which a woman needs to be really careful about her diet habits. Eating for two is a real tough job, and there are so many different things you need to assure before popping your favorite dish in to your mouth.

Vomiting and nausea are very common, which makes eating a very hard job. A pregnant woman needs loads of energy and nutrients to sustain the growing fetus inside her, and also for her body to be able to endure the changes in this phase. What you eat reflects on your baby also. So, you many need to modify your diet quite a lot.

Diet Tips For Pregnant Women


For healthy and strong bones, calcium is a must. It helps in building bones for the aby and also protects the bones of the mother. High blood pressure can be caused during pregnancy, which is controlled by eating foods rich in calcium. Drink lots of milk or fortified soy milk to satisfy your daily requirements of calcium.


Water and other such fluids are required in greater amounts during pregnancy, as the blood volume needs to be expanded for accommodating the nutrient requirements for the mother and child. Drink lots of water, orange juice, non fat milk, and other such beverages that are nutritious.


Iron is necessary so that enough oxygen supply to the baby is ensured. During pregnancy, iron deficiency is very commonly found. So, have foods like chicken without the skin, cooked dried beans, extra lean meat, fish, and other such iron rich foods. You could also take some iron supplements.

Alcohol, Tea, Coffee, Cola, and Soft Cheese

Alcohol is found to cause birth defects in babies. So, it must be completely avoided. Caffeine is known to cause birth defects and also affect the birth weight. Several studies have shown miscarriage and growth retardation to be caused by caffeine, but it is not established. So, it would be a good idea to avoid coffee, tea, and colas.

Soft cheeses are known to contain bacteria, which cause miscarriage, fever, and several such complications. They can even lead to death of the newborn, premature birth, or illnesses of any kind. Consumption of such soft cheeses must be avoided at all costs.


Pregnant women should never try to go on a low carbohydrate diet. For a healthy body, you need enough of all nutrients. Controlling your food deprives you of a number of different minerals and vitamins. So, never experiment with your diet during pregnancy. Ensure that you get all the necessary nutrition.

Along with proper dietary habits, a pregnant woman should take care of proper exercise also. The body needs to be kept strong and full of energy to pass through the phase happily.

There are a number of simple exercises to be followed during pregnancy. You can consult your doctor or health expert to know which ones are safe for you. You must also keep a check on your weight. Gaining weight is normal and should happen. But, too much weight can have its own side effects also.

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