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We are the copyright owner of the website Our aim is to produce and publish the content that may serve the people to maintain a healthy life style.

But obvious, we also follow some of the policies that content wise constraints such public distribution of household knowledge and also the outer contribution if any, into the website.

We have a routine to get user data as their personal experience regarding any physical problem and its treatment. Such acquired data helps us and may help others also to better use the home remedies in their case and more importantly to restore faith in any particular type of treatment.

We get this information via comments in our feedback or public blogging section or via subscription or newsletter feature provide in the website. Whenever user comes to our website and reads the article related to his need, he may share his experience or even alert us to make any particular distribution of knowledge due to some of bad effects (if any).

Moreover this information will just serve towards the betterment of the content and thus improving the quality of health tips.
We here assure that any personal or any other kind of information will be totally dedicated towards the internal usage only and not supposed to misuse or share to any third party for any unwanted usage.

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