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Best Sore Throat Home Remedies for Fast Relief

Sore Throat Home Remedies

It is a very common problem and mostly seen as an extended form of strep throat infection. For a brief introduction, sore throat is characterized with inflammation and swelling inside the throat which while swallowing anything inside, creates a lot of discomfort and many a times accompanied by pain also.

It has to be treated in time otherwise chronically result into other serious problems, among which ear infection and rheumatic fever are most prevalent.

Causes of Sore throat

As described earlier it may be consequent of strep infection, the infection caused by streptococcal bacteria. Acid reflux may also cause sore throat. Also smoking heavily, inhaling cold stuff particularly when climate does not favor it, some allergic reaction or mouth breathing are the other known reasons behind sore throat.

We have plenty of remedies around us, that we can use to cure sore throat. Some of these are as follows:

Home Remedies to Treat Sore Throat

Salt water gargles

This is the easiest way to get rid of sore throat. One needs not to make any special efforts to search for anything. Just take a glass full of warm water and mix 1 tbsp salt in it. Stir the solution properly till the salt particles partially disappear in the water. Now gargle 5-6 times with this salty water regularly or till the time sores are cured.

Massage with some good oil

Many a times the tonsils caused by some infection are the main cause behind sore throat. If this the case, then take some good oil like sunflower oil or olive oil, heat it to make it just lukewarm and then rub this oil gently on the surface of the throat from bottom to up. Massaging regularly for 3-4 days the same way will cure the tonsils and consequently sore throat also.

Black tea mixed with some lemon and honey

This is a very effective remedy to cure sore throat. Honey and lemon help in removing the phlegm from the throat, the real cause behind the sore throat.

Prepare some black tea (by following the same steps except not pouring milk over it). Allow it to cool just a bit and then add some lemon drops along with a few drops of honey into it. Taking such prepared tea daily for 3-4 days will heal the soreness in the throat.

Use a good humidifier inside the room

Sore throat irritates much because of mucous it is accompanied with. The normal dry air inside the room even exaggerates the irritation and discomfort. Humidifier releases vapors in the air and thus add moisture to it. This moisture makes the mucous lining smooth and facilitates smooth breathing and consequently helps in providing fast relief from sore throat.

Increase water intake

Many studies emphasize the need of ample water inside the body to fight against diseases. A good amount of water inside the body specially helps in conquering sore throat.

Firstly it helps to cure the symptoms of cold by thinning the mucous and thus smoothing its flow out of the body and secondly protects us from dehydration. So get water in abundance inside the body in any form. Eating fruits enriched with vitamin C can be especially beneficial.

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