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Staph Infection Symptoms, Causes, Pictures And Treatments

Staph Infection Symptoms, Causes

The infection caused by Staphylococcus bacteria, or the staph bacteria, is known as a staph infection. This bacterium is normally found in the mouth, nose, genitals, and anal area of most people.

Diabetics and people with weak immune systems stand a higher risk of being affected by the bacteria. There are several kinds of staph infections, which can range from mild to quite severe ones.

Causes of Staph Infection

The bacteria are widely found, and they can live everywhere. As such, there are a number of ways by which you can get affected by this infection. Any small cut can let the bacteria infect you, which will further develop to cause an staph infection. If the medical equipment used is not sanitized properly, it gets contaminated by the bacteria, and affects the patients.

You even find them in large numbers in salty food items, and also when the climate is hot. Since high temperatures cannot kill the bacteria, cooking food is not a method for prevention. If an infected person prepares your food, or the food is left open, you stand high chances of contracting infection. Having contact with affected people is another possible cause.

Symptoms of Staph Infection

The symptoms of a staph infection are the same symptoms you get in case of inflammation. The affected area on your skin becomes tender and red, and even swells up. There will be a slight pain over the area, and it will be warmer than the surrounding areas. This is the first sign of an infection.

Generally, open wounds cause the infection, but there are cases when you can be affected with no wound at all. If you find any of these symptoms over a wound or skin sore, it may be a staph infection. In severe cases, the patients may have fever and also sweats or chills.

Staph Infection Treatment Options


Staph infection is usually treated by consuming antibiotics. In earlier times, penicillin was used for treatment. Since the 1980’s, the kind of medicines used has started changing. Even stronger medicines started to be administered to provide effective results.

The main problem is that the human body seems to be quite resistant to all kind of antibiotics. As such, they do not serve the intended purpose, leading to stronger medicines being prescribed. Vancomycin, certain cephalosporins, salfa drugs, and nafcillin antibiotics are generally prescribed.

Wound Drainage

If a wound has caused the infection, a small incision is made to take out the fluid collected in your sore to remove the infection causing bacteria from it.

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Food Considerations


If the infection goes too deep, the fibers and muscles in the body also get affected. In such cases, surgical cleaning may be required to treat the infection.

It is always better to try and prevent staph infection, than to try curing after you get infected. Cleanliness is the most basic thing you need to follow. Make sure you wash your wounds with soap and water as soon as you get it. Keep it covered, so that the bacteria cannot get in to it.

Since it gets transmitted easily, do not share your towels or such commodities with other people. In case you feel your wound is getting too red or painful, better consult your doctor. Do not keep it for long, as it can get deeper and lead to severe consequences.

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