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How to Treat an Infected Ingrown Toenail Naturally

Treat an Infected Ingrown Toenail

Normally our nails tend to grow lengthwise with their width remaining fixed and flattened on the skin base. But we see many people with their toenail beside growing lengthwise also grow a bit wider and steep upward to curve down towards the skin and slowly its edges start penetrating the skin, firstly creating a bit pain and steadily they turn into dreadful wounds. Most often they are accompanied with swelling around the toenail. As the time passes, these wounds get more and more painful and many a times become unbearable.

The situation even deteriorates more if they develop some infection inside. That can elevate the severity and thus needs to be cured in time. Though causes of ingrown toenails are not backed by any strong evidences but in most cases it is found to happen genetically or because of unsuitability of footwear.

The best and permanent solution to ingrown toenail is actually to cut it down right from its root, so that it does not develop further ingrown toenail. It has to be performed as a minor surgery by the doctor itself. But it can be very painful and Lilly liveried people don’t actually prefer to go for it. So we have to look for other options.

But people suffering with diabetes are recommended not to go for self treatment, rather seek doctor’s advice. Very luckily, we have got some natural ways that can conveniently turn this problem down.

How to Cure an Infected Ingrown Toenail

Be a bit selective about your footwear

One of the prime causes for ingrown toenail is unsuitability of footwear. Sometimes they are very tight making them to exerting extra pressure on our toes and making it prone to ingrown toenail. So while going to purchase footwear, choose one which may comfort your feet specially your toenails.

Mind shaping your toenail

A well shaped nail minimizes the chances of ingrown toenail. It has been seen that round shaped nails are more prone to get curved while growing. So avoid cutting it round rather cut it squarely. Also avoid cutting the nail much from its corner edges and cut focusing on mere top of the nail.

Soaking the toenail in salty water

This is a well proved remedy to treat infected ingrown toenail. Ingrown toenails make the skin around to swell a bit. Warm salty water is a very useful remedy to minimize the swelling and also soften the nail. It also helps to protect your nail from getting infected as in extreme cases.

To practice it, take a pot partially filled with warm water and some salt added to it. Just before going to bed at night, soak your feet fully into the water. Keep them soaked for about 10-15 minutes and take the feet out. Now apply some mustard oil on your toenail after sponging it properly. Repeat it regularly to get quick relief.

Dressing toenail to minimize the pain

Apart from other ways to treat ingrown infected toenails, separate the digging edges of the ingrown toenail from the skin. It will help you minimize the pain as well as provide the posture to stop recurring the problem.

You can do this by inserting some cotton bud in between the nail edges and the skin. Dental floss is also a good option for insertion. After inserting wrap it around and keep it for some days. It will also help in growing the nail straighter rather than curved.

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