Try These Yoga Exercises To Keep Diabetes Under Control

Yoga Exercises to Control Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death around the world. Diabetes is the type of disorder which caused by fluctuating levels of insulin inside the body. Practicing yoga poses regularly actually helps in restoring proper functionality to pancreas resulting in ample production of glucose inside the body and moreover with a proper blood circulation maintained in the body helps full utilization of this glucose, thus making it less probable to dissolve high glucose level into the blood. 

We are listing below some yoga poses which are especially beneficial to treat diabetes patients.

Do these Yoga Exercises to Control Diabetes

Locust Pose

Firstly lie down on the blanket on the base of your belly with your forehead kissing the ground and your hands in full stretched backward with palms facing the sky. Now keeping rest of the body fixed just raise your head a few inches up. Now start lifting your chest keeping firstly your arms kept sticking with the body and then start lifting your legs up as much as you can with aligning your arms almost parallel to the ground.

Locust Pose to control diabetes

In this position your weight should be balanced on your stomach and ribs. Maintain the posture for 3-4 minutes .This pose will improve your digestion by strengthening your abdomen muscles.

Sun Salutation Pose

This is quite a long pose consisting of a number of poses. Firstly stand straight upright with your elbows bent inward and palms sticking with each other close to the chest like performing Surya Namaskar. Now inhaling long, raise the hands above the head to attain maximum height with palms affixed. Now while exhaling bend downward to let your belly touching your thighs and drop your hand to touch the ankles.

Sun Salutation yoga Pose

Now pressing your palms against the ground push your right leg backward with keeping left leg bent and fixed, with a fully stretched spine. While doing so your face should be lifted a bit up. Now also align your left leg with the right leg while pressing both hands against the ground perpendicularly with full stretch to lift your shoulders to reach maximum height with a down movement of head. Push the whole body downward to let your chest and knees touching the ground with your hips and head in the air.

Again stretching forward with your legs fixed on the ground try to bend backward with arms straight and palms pushing the ground. Again change your posture and lifting your ankles bend forward on your hands making a triangle of the body with the ground. Now inhaling long press your palms against the ground push your left leg backward with keeping right leg bent and fixed, with a fully stretched spine and lifted chin.

Again stand straight and while exhaling bend downward to let your belly touching your thighs with ankles grabbed by both hands. Then with a long breath raise yourself and bend backward with arms in full stretch and palms sticked together keeping your legs fixed straight with the ground. Lastly exhale slowly to stand straight with your hands relaxing by the sides.

Shoulder Stand

Lie down flat on your back with your arms full stretched above the head resting on the ground. Now keeping rest of the body fixed just lift your legs straight up making an angle of 90° with rest of the body. Start bending toward the head and keep bending by bending your pelvis till your feet rest on the ground just few inches ahead of head.

shoulder stand pose

Now keeping your spine straight bend further so that your feet reach ahead of your hands and rest the feet on the ground. Now place your hands on the earth now opposite to head. Now maintaining the same posture grab your back with both hands converge the feet closer to the head and keeping your back straight align the legs parallel to the ground by lifting them up.

Keep lifting your legs to align them straight in line with the back so that whole your weight balanced on the shoulders. Keep your body as it is for few seconds and then reversing the process slowly come to rest.

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