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What Causes Burping and Home Remedies to Stop it

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Burping is usually an awful gesture and generally considered socially disagreeable in a sophisticated society. Even we can see many people having an unstoppable habit of burping all the day. Though it may infuse a feeling of embarrassment in the person’s mind but it is something occurring naturally and one cannot be literally blamed for it. Nevertheless burping excessively certainly is not a good sign and needs to be controlled.

Burping is actually the natural exertion of extra swallowed air. Nonetheless, it is just worthless if we elaborate here what burping is, rather now let’s concentrate on the contributing factors behind burping.

What Causes Burping

Extra inhaled air got accumulated into our stomach is the base cause. Normally drinking or eating at a relatively fast tempo may cause extra burps. Frequent talk while eating is another reason suggested by the researchers. There are some foods that may cause gas which further may catalyze burping and thus need to cut down a bit. Carbonated beverages and chewing gums are other triggering entities.

Good news for all such embarrassed people, we can very easily limit its occurrences by following some home remedies for prevent burping. Let’s take a glance over these remedies:

Home Remedies to Prevent Burping

Asafoetida and fennel seeds

Asafoetida is commonly taken with water to treat gastric problems. Asafoetida if taken with fennel seeds provides very good benefits in treating extra burping. Take a small pinch of powdered asafoetida with 2 tbsp of fennel seeds and mix some honey with it which otherwise may become too bitter to eat. Taking such prepared remedy twice a day will subsidize extra burping.

Baking soda

Baking soda is the general term used for bicarbonate, the chemical compound which acts as an effective solution to gastric problems specially rooted from overuse of carbonated drinks, thus making it a perfect pick for treating extra burping. Taking a pinch of baking soda mixed into a glass of cold water or lime juice will provide huge relief from the problem of extra burps.


Ginger is probably the most popular remedy to treat the problem of extra burping. It has some natural ailments that give quick relief from extra belching. To use it, just crushed some ginger slices and boil with the green tea to get the remedy and take this tea whenever the problem arises.

Apple cider vinegar with lime juice

Apple cider vinegar due to its acidic nature and soothing effect is widely used to treat so many physical disorders. It is a well proved remedy to treat extra burping as well. In case of excessive burping, just pour apple cider vinegar and lemon juice with one tbsp each into a glass full of cold water. Take this solution few minutes before taking meal.

Things to avoid

There are plenty of things that one can do for preventing extra burping from happening. While eating, eat slowly and chew the food properly. Also avoid extravagant talking while eating. Don’t take carbonated beverages and limit the foods that produce gas to set aside extra burping.

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