Safe Yoga Asanas During Pregnancy for All Trimester

Becoming a mother is a divine feeling. Apart from restoring internal happiness to the women’s mind it adds additional responsibilities of fetching good nutrition and overall health to the new one.

But obvious, good nutrition diet has a significant role to play for the same. But for a mother, keeping her mind in a healthy and contentful state is even more crucial.

The other thing that irritates the pregnant women is the regular back pain due to the belly incrementing in size. Yoga is something that fetches you with all the above virtues.

But the most important thing to practice any yoga pauses is that they should not exert extra pressure on the abdominal part that may lead some adverse consequences.

With intense care we have chosen some light yoga pauses that may impact positively during pregnancy, here is the list below:

Great Yoga Poses During Pregnancy

Cat pose for pregnant women

Set on the base of your palms and knees with your spine stretched flat parallel to ground. Your palm should touch the ground and fingers should fully stretch outwards. Bow your face down toward earth. Now pressing palms against the ground with arms fully straightened so that your shoulders lift up a bit with spine proportionally bending inward.

Yoga Poses During Pregnancy

The whole procedure should be stimulated with regular while exhaling raise your upper spine up with fixing your arms straightened as previously and your pelvis falling a bit down. Again lift your spine as before while inhaling and exhale the same way. Repeat it for a few times and come to normal position.

Half spinal twist pose

Seat down on the ground with your legs fully stretches upfront and toes facing the sky. Now bend the right leg and lift the right foot up across the left knee closest to the body and place it on the ground.

Half spinal twist pose

Now take the right hand behind your back and place it on the ground and raise the left arm and stretch it to hold the right ankle. Twist your spine further till it is comfortable and maintain the pose for some time and then come to the normal position.

Mountain pose during pregnancy

Stand straight with a little gap between your legs and lift the toes slightly to balance your whole weight on the toes. Keeping your spine fully straight raise your hand upward and take it beyond the head and join both hands eventually with finger tips facing the sky.

mountain pose for pregnant women

Your face should be also lifted proportionally upward while raising your arms. With both hand stacked together as before further try to raise it up so that your spine also feels like stretching upward. The whole procedure should be incorporated with regular breathing.

Chair pose

You have to start with mountain pose. Keeping the palms stretched upward and facing each other and the upper part of body straight as before just bend your knees and try to align your thighs nearly parallel with the ground.

chair pose during pregnancy

In this position both your thighs should also be aligned with each other having a little gap in-between and try to balance your body weight on the thighs.

Try to push your lower waist more toward the ground just like sitting virtually on a chair with both your hands raised beyond the head in full stretch and aligned parallel with each other. Be in the position for few moments and then come to normal position.

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